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Remember when you first dreamed about becoming an entrepreneur?

Freedom. Flexibility. Financial success.

These were all part of your vision. Right?

But likely there are days when you forget ‘why’ you even started. The daily grind makes you feel caught in a funnel of neverending, nonvalue-added tasks that absorb your time and leave you drained of energy. The good news is everyone in business feels this way at some point in their career, or even many, many times, so you’re not unusual or losing your competitive advantage.

When you start feeling pulled in different directions from your original vision, go back to these 4 tips to refocus your entrepreneur mindset:

1. Nothing worthwhile is easy – so work hard. Not much in life is simple, and what does come easy doesn’t produce earth-shattering results. Face it, entrepreneurs like challenges. If you didn’t have to work hard for it, where’s the glory? Where’s the satisfaction? Establish your mindset that this entrepreneurial path is going to be difficult but results-yielding.

2. Energy and effort do pay off. Every person in business, entrepreneur, leader, or individual contributor has made mistakes at some point in their career. The only real mistake is if we don’t learn from those mistakes. Don’t get sidetracked by a mistake. Learn from it, keep pushing forward toward your goal, and the effort will pay off.

3. Schedule ‘you’ time. Balance in life doesn’t happen on its own, just like success. Balance is something you have to schedule and work hard to achieve. So, schedule it like you would anything else on your calendar. Working out. Grocery shopping. Purposefully block out ‘you’ time, and use that however you need to rejuvenate and sharpen your saw.

4. Be still and read leadership books. Entrepreneurs and leaders should always be in the middle of a book. You must be lifelong learners and commit to always improving. Reading requires you to be still, and that’s OK. You don’t have to go 90MPH 24/7. Take some time to learn, grow, and be better. It’s a solid investment with a guaranteed return.

Entrepreneur Mindset at Liberty National

The big takeaway is don’t forget your ‘why’. Keep your entrepreneur mindset at all times, even if you have to go back and remind yourself what that why is. Remember what drove you to dream about becoming a business owner or leader. Always go back to your ‘why’ and keep moving forward.


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