“Owning your own business is not a 9-to-5 job.”

Small business owners don’t punch a clock. You never punch in or out because you are always on. You are responsible for everything. And everyone.

But isn’t that marvelous? Isn’t it great to be your own boss? You make the decisions and/or empower others to make decisions for your business. It’s your baby, your income stream, your freedom.



Small business owners provide 60% to 80% of the net new jobs annually. Feel good about that. Have some swagger in your step because of that. You give people jobs so they can take care of their families, pay bills, and build a life. That’s huge. You help stimulate the American economy. You either provide a product or service that people want and need. You’re living the American Dream. Where you can do anything and be anything you want.

With a lot of hard work and perseverance.

But the reality is, it’s not easy. Some people fail. Some people give up when they fail. But successful leaders don’t give up. You learn from mistakes, the long nights, the tough decisions. And it makes you stronger and more successful. And the people who work for you see your effort and want to be like you. As a business owner, you inspire others. They know what you’re trying to accomplish and they respect that. Be that example for others and show what can really be achieved if you just work hard and remain persistent.

So on those days you want to give up, don’t. Keep working toward the American Dream. Your dream. Chase it. Love it. Fight for it.

Know that American small business owners make a difference. You make a difference.

Share in the comments below what you like best about being a business owner or which person you look up to as a small business owner and why.

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