Personalized Service for Payroll Administrators

We understand setting up a new benefits plan through payroll deduction is a process – a process we are committed to making as hassle-free as possible. We have helped many payroll administrators, from small businesses to large, enroll employees in our Cafeteria Plans with quick turnaround. With Worksite Advantage, your personal Agent will:

  • Meet with you as soon as the employer agrees to establish a Worksite plan
  • Ensure you have everything you need to begin deductions on time
  • Work with you side-by-side to review documents when needed
  • Contact you each billing cycle and answer any questions you may have

How Worksite Payroll Deduction and Billing Works

Worksite payroll deduction and billing follows a simple 3-step process that makes it easy for payroll administrators to keep track of premium payments. Globe Life Liberty National Division also provides the convenience of online billing to make payments, view invoice history, and much more.



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